Table Lighting that Plays All the Angles.

What’s so special about a rectangular dining light? Plenty, if you ask our design team. Over the last 20 years, this simple fixture form has spawned dozens of top-selling products as well as hundreds of custom designs for residential, hospitality and commercial projects alike. We think its enduring popularity stems from the fact that it satisfies three basic requirements for compelling lighting design:

1. Function. Good table lighting provides both ambient and task light, and the box style lends itself beautifully to both. With diffusers on all six sides, a central light source can glow warmly in every direction. When extra task lighting is needed, additional light sources can be incorporated into the base. Ambient and task light sources can even be wired separately so each can be used independently -- a helpful feature for creating mood in a space.

2. Familiarity.  Enduring residential design always incorporates furnishings that are comfortable and reassuring. With straightforward clean lines that typically echo the shape of the table below or the room around it, a box-style dining light can “ground” an interior design and help the eye make sense of a space.

3. Flair.  Call it style, panache, glamour --  but as the central focus of most dining spaces, the table light always needs an engaging element of design personality. The box shape is an ideal canvas for incorporating materials, textures and colors that complement the surrounding interior design.

Suffice it to say that this fixture design “plays all the angles” of great lighting design. Take a look the installations below and let us know what you think.